20 Facts About People With All Disabilities

All disabilities have limitations that make a life for those with disabilities rather difficult. Here are a few facts according to the UN about all disabilities around the globe:

  1.  1 billion and more people have some form of disability worldwide
  2. 100 million or more of those disabled are children
  3. 50 percent of those with disabilities cannot afford healthcare
  4. 80 percent of people with disabilities live in underdeveloped countries
  5. Violence and abuse is more prevalent with children who are disabled than those who are not
  6. Physical disability is defined when an individual’s physical functioning, mobility, dexterity or endurance is limited.
  7. People with disabilities make up the largest minority group in the world
  8. In South Africa, there are ….people with some type of a disability
  9. Students with disabilities have lower rates of participation in extramural activities, causing social restrictions and lack of leadership skills.
  10. Out of the present day 20 somethings, just over 1 in 4 will become disabled before they retire
  11. 6 percent of people with a disability are employed in the USA
  12. 41 percent of people with arthritis are coerced into limiting their physical activities
  13. Woman have the highest disability rate
  14. Africans have the highest rate of disability due to various environmental and genetic factors
  15. People with disabilities are less active than those with no disabilities
  16. Assistive technology is very important to more than a third of those living with a disability – without these, they cannot look after themselves at home.
  17. Disability is both a cause and effect of poverty.  People who have a disability become poor and poor people often become disabled.
  18. Not only is healthcare expensive, but there is a lack of disability healthcare professionals.
  19. People with a disability have limited access to education.  This lack of education affects a country as a whole with regards to poverty.
  20. The cost of living for those with disabilities is much higher than for the majority of people.  People who are in poverty-stricken areas are already struggling due to medical treatment, education, and rehabilitation.  50 percent of people who are disabled suffer from health expenses.