Training companies in Gauteng For People With Disabilities

Training companies in Gauteng For People With Disabilities

Training company in Gauteng

There are many training companies in Gauteng that offer learnership programmes.  Choosing the right one should include the following trends:

#1.  Learners are Priority

Businesses are under pressure concerning:

  • Short supply of leaders
  • Developing employees
  • Staff turnover issues

Yet businesses cannot build lasting relationships with employees.  The answer to these issues is empowering employees with the tools needed for growth.  Employers are often fearful of change and in turn become an environment that is controlling and informal.  Businesses need to be openminded as the younger generation of people with disabilities are becoming more independent and embracing many talents with training that is provided by training companies in Gauteng.

A new method of learning should be included, such as:

  • Adaptations to meet the needs of disabled employees
  • Updated developmental processes should be in place
  • Having the right resources and expertise available
  • Including a learnership budget on a yearly basis

Now Trending

Learning is readily available now due to recent technology, learning and skills development programs.  Investing in learnerships is still a chalkenge for many.  The five key trends that companies should include are:

  • Mobile technology – mobile learning apps and mobile performance apps.
  • Social learning tools – foster a learning culture through social media
  • Alignment of corporate objectives – moulding employees into the procedures and goals of company
  • Adaptive learning principles – building confidence and expertise for growth

Mobile Technology

Mobile has changed the way businesses operate, interact, and unite. Businesses are slowly embracing mobile technology and mobile web-based learning solutions.  Many training companies use mobile as a way to interact with learners who are blind and disabled.   

Social Learning Tools

Social media tools are being embraced and businesses are investing and engaging better, fostering a learning culture.  Social has become popular and everyone uses it for learning and development.  Companies are using:

  • Document sharing
  • Discussion forms
  • Blogs

Adaptive Learning

This allows learners to learn at their own pace.  Many training companies use adaptive teaching, especially for blind and disabled learners.

Aligning business objectives

Learnerships must be aligned with the overall corporate strategies so that a business will achieve results. Learning should drive engagement and work performance which increases revenue in the long run.

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