A Disability Manifesto for The Future of People of Disabilities

A disability manifesto for the future is something we all can contribute towards as a community. Here is a disability manifesto that points out changes and improvements that need to be made for South Africans with disabilities.

#1. Improve on Further Studies for All Ages

  • Student support when transistioning from high school to further studies or employment.
  • Fair benefits for those who want to seek employment.
  • Access to long term care and support decision making throughout life.

#2. Safe and Affordable Housing

  • Students in training center housing system will have equal access to training and support.
  • A safe and clean environment
  • Healthy meals and clean water

#3. Appropriate and Free Eductaional opportunities

  • Students entitled to accomodations, grants and related services should have access to education.
  • Appropriate discipline and educational entitlement.

#4. Identify and Address Abuse and Rights Violations

  • Respond to complaints of rights violations in facilities
  • Investigate the complaints of abuse and neglect of people with disabilities

#5. Mend Barriers to Equal Opportunity and Autonomy

  • Increase successful employment outcomes through training and learnership programmes
  • Promote equal access to places, programmes, and services.

#6. Increase Public Engagement and Communication Through Training

  • Individuals and families with psychiatric disabilities should be educated on the available programs and services.
  • Reach out on social media, highlighting available resources.
  • Provide Peer to peer recovery and support for learners.

#7. Collaborate with State and Local Disability Advocates

  • By partnering with public and private NGOs committed to increasing access to opportunities.
  • Improve communication so as to better identify issues from individual requests.
  • Encourage communities to be accessible so all can live in, interact and be mobile
  • Encourage community to be proactive
  • Social participation within community
  • Ensuring access to technology and assistive supports
  • The inclusion of individuals in public health data across all ages

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