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About Us

ACTION has undertaken to make a difference in the lives of those less fortunate than ourselves at no cost to the individual.

ACTION has over 170 blind and disabled students registered for tuition, with the numbers growing daily.

ACTION tutors over 20 young blind and disabled people free of charge on a daily basis. Over 35 students can be accommodated daily, but due to limited resources this is impossible at present.

Computer and IT Training for senior school learners in many disabled schools was unavailable as late as 2002. A disastrous situation to have our future generation leaving school in the 21st century without IT knowledge. This problem was identified by the foresighted founders and thus ACTION was established and registered in 2002.

Many of the blind and disabled youngsters enrolled with ACTION hail from rural areas and on a R1010.00 Government Disability Grant, it is impossible for them to sustain themselves in areas where tuition is available, and even more of an impossibility to afford their education.
Approximately 90% of disabled schools now offer computer and IT tuition to their blind and disabled learners. Unfortunately we now have a “lost generation” of blind and disabled youngsters without IT skills, who should be starting their working careers but are unable to do so due to their lack of skills coupled with the fact that the majority of blind and disabled people are rooted in poverty and unable to afford IT tuition.
ACTION’s accommodation center situated in Roodepoort, nick named “The White House” is severely over subscribed to the extent that a three bed roomed house designed for a family of four, houses twelve blind and disabled young people.

The lounge area has been converted and serves as a bedroom resulting in there being no recreational area for our young residents.

There is a waiting list of over twenty young blind and disabled people who require accommodation in order to take advantage of our free Computer and IT tuition and skills training and this is growing at a phenomenal rate.

Visit the Department of Social Development to obtain information regarding Goverment Grants and other important information.

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