Accessible Netflix Agreement for Blind Customers

Accessible Netflix is going to be valuable for blind customers.  Netflix and advocates for people who are blind have reached an agreement to offer audio descriptions for video streaming and DVD rental subscriptions. An accessible Netflix will make for an enjoyable movie and video viewing.

Netflix provides one of the nations most popular online streaming and DVD rental services.  This service is convenient and affordable – including original content.

The agreement states that Netflix will provide audio description for many popular movies in its library.  Audio description technology allows blind people to know what’s happening in the movie without dialogue or scenes with vivid elements through audio description track that is narrative and gives a description of the visual parts of the movie. Movie studios will create the audio description tracks for Netflix.  Blind people can miss out on the full effect of the scenes if there is no audio description. The Netflix Original shows will also have audio description, such as:

House of Cards

Orange is the New Black

Adding to that, Netflix will make its website and mobile applications accessible to those who are blind and use screen reading software.  The software creates an audio version of images and text on a screen – then reads it out loud.  The user then controls the computer or mobile device by pressing keys or tapping on the mobile application. With the changes Netflix is making, users who are low vision and blind can use the website and mobile applications with ease.

This agreement is first-of-its-kind when it comes to screen-reader and audio access for blind and low vision customers.

This agreement is the first-of-its-kind to provide screen-reader and audio access to users who are blind or low vision.

These improvements will give people who are blind, access to online video entertainment services.  Kim Charlson, President of the American Council of the Blind said:

We applaud Netflix for working with us to enhance access to its services for people who are blind.  Our goal is to expand the availability of Netflix services to the blind community and to increase the availability of audio described film and television programming.  Movies and television are a central pillar of American culture.  As television and movies are increasingly delivered through streaming and home delivery services, ensuring that the blind community receives access to this content is critical to ensure that people who are blind are integrated into modern society.”