Accommodations in Workplace

Accommodations in Workplace  Accommodations are adjustments within work area or situation so that the person with disabilities is able to perform as well as his or her colleagues who don’t have disabilities. Below are a list of accommodations.  

Glare reduction and change in lighting

voice notes instead of written ones

Laptops or desktops with screen reader, screen magnifier and Optical character recognition (OCR) software.

Scanners bigger than standard with braille display can be added.

Bigger fonts, vocal calipers, money identifier apps and calculators

Aids for mobility also required such as guide dog, electronic travel apps and carpool.

Visually impaired and blind have the ability to be entrepreneurs just as much as the seeing do. Businesses such as vending cold ready made foods and other dry products is just one popular option.

The more technology advances the more jobs for blind people are opening up.

Blind people can have meaningful careers.

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