Accommodating Disabled tenants Is a Right

Accommodating disabled tenants comes with rights and rules. A Disabled tenant has the right to enjoy their place of living. This means that the manager of an apartment complex must allow the exception to the rule with regards to accommodating disabled tenants.

The manager of an apartment complex has to:

  • allow an exception to a rule or policy if it allows tenant equal enjoyment and comfort.
  • An accomodation that allows tenants to expereince full benfit unless it is too expensive and requires excessive alterations.

No Pets allowed? What if a blind tenant needs a guide dog?

The owner or manager of the apartment complex must make an exception to the rule so that the blind tenant can have enjoy their experience at the complex.

First come first serve tenant parking, and you are in a wheelchair

The parking has no allocated numbers and is first come first serve, and now the person with limited mobility has to go the extra mile just to get to their apartment. The tenant must grant accommodation and reserve a parking area, especially for the disabled driver.

Tenants only Laundry Room? But it isnt accessible and easy to do laundry if you are handicapped.

The manager has to make an exception to this rule and allow family or domestic worker to assist with laundry.

What if you need a caregiver to move in with you, but your tenant contract states that you cannot have an extra tenant.

The Manager must allow for a caregiver to move in without adding on extra fees.

You become disabled in an accident, but live in an apartment with no lifts.

You have the right to be released from your lease and move to another apartment with short notice.

A tenant with a mental disorder makes too much noise and receives eviction notice

The manager must grant the tenant accomodation unless the tenant is a danger to other tenants.