Adults and Children With Disabilities And Respite Care

Adults and children with disabilities need caregivers in an emergency or temporary care setting.  These programmes are beneficial for families and caregivers who need to recharge now and again or are off due to an illness.  It is a positive experience for all involved and is also known as a “short break”.

It is never a burden to take care of adults and children with disabilities but aspects such as financial,emotional and physical consequences can be very overwhelming for anyone. 

Respite care allow the families and caregivers to take a breather and cope better when they return to caring for the adult and children with disabilities. It has been shown to help with the wellbeing of families and caregivers aswell as prevent out of home caregiving, where most abuse occurs.  Not only that, it prevents the likelihood of divorces or family arguments.

.Respite care supports you and your caregiver for a short period of time, taking on all the duties while you recharge. During this time you can take a break and even go on a short holiday – returning with more energy and increased mental wellbeing.

Carers In Your Home

  • Respite carers come to your home
  • Subsidised respite care is available
  • Carers can come for a few hours or even overnight

Care Away From Home

  • Respite Centers – offer day respite with outings and socializing with others.
  • Home Respite – overnight and weekend care at a host family.
  • Residential respite – short term stays in aged care home is the perfect option if your regular carer has to be away for longer periods or are sick themselves – this may cost you more.
  • Specialized Respite – a local facility where the receiver may stay for a few days or weeks.
  • Emergency Respite – in case of family emergency you can call respite care facility and they will send someone right away.