Affordable Assistive Technology In South Africa – Top 5

Affordable assistive technology is needed in countries where there isn’t much assistance from the government.  Here we list the top 5 affordable assistive technology tools for people with disabilities.



  • This is a notetaking tool suitable for visually impaired and blind people.
  • The app combines accessibility functions of the iOS device as well as notetaking capabilities.
  • Refreshable Braille display and input notes with either QWERTY keyboard.

Cost:  free

Used with:  iOS: iPad, iPhone, iPod touch

For more information, go here.



  • LookTel Recognizer allows blind or low vision users to recognize objects
  • Creates a library of commonly used objects in day to day life
  • When the library is created, place object in front of the phone and instant recognition and description of the object will occur.

Cost:  $19

Used with: iOS: iPad, iPhone, iPod touch

To get yours, go here.



  • This app connects people who are blind or visually impaired with volunteers around the world
  • volunteers help via video chat with a variety of tasks
  • Networking of thousands of sighted and blind people globally

Cost: Free

Use with: iOS: iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch

Download Be My Eyes,  here.



  • Windows compatible screen reader that gives access to blind and low vision people.
  • Download to your Windows computer or download to the USB drive to run from any computer without the need to download.
  • Use this program to access the internet, word processing, and common Apps on any computer without downloading.
  • Use to access internet browser, word processing, and common Apps on your computer in varied languages

Cost:  Free

Compatibility:  Windows

#5.  Voice Typing In Google Docs


  • Go into Tools Menu in Google Docs and select Voice Typing
  • Click on the microphone and start talking
  • the text will be entered into typing space
  • correction of errors without moving a cursor
  • No training required

Cost:  Free

Built-in Chrome Browser Option