Anxiety And Disability-Self-Care Tips That Work

Anxiety and disability co-exist with mental illnesses. Instead of spending a fortune on self-care, here are a few things that aren’t heavy on your pocket that may help.


  • Mindfulness – This involves focusing on a physical feeling. When negative thoughts appear, the person meditating returns to the positive focus. Mindful meditation can be.
  • Breath Meditation – The person focuses on their breathing. Breathing exercise taught in birth classes are based on this.
  • Visualization – This means focusing on a specific event or space. Visualization meditation has been used for many centuries, not surprising since we are created as visual beings.


anxiety and disability
             Anxiety and disability 
  • You Are A Bad Ass – this book is easy to read the guide by the world-traveling success coach, Jen Sincero.  He shares inspiring stories, sage advice, and easy exercises to help change how you see yourself.

To order You Are A Bad Ass, go here.

anxiety and disability
Anxiety and disability 
  • F*** Feelings – the self-care book that anyone with anxiety and disability should have on their bookshelf. Written by a psychiatrist his comedy writer daughter, these two help you to put aside unrealistic expectations and to stop trying to change what you cant.

To order F*** Feelings, go here.

Keep A Journal

  • Write When You Feel – while you are in the situation or as soon as you can.
  • Ask Yourself This – What am I telling myself? How anxious am I feeling?.  Monitor your progress and keep a record of the dates.

Have A Cup Of Tea

  • Chamomile Tea – this tea is effective in helping you relax and sleep. It is a herb and not as potent as pharmaceutical drugs – but a lot safer in the long run.
  • Lavender Tea – a herb that is effective in treating anxiety. It is even compared to being as effective as pharmaceutical drugs such as Benzodiazepines (Alzam and Xanax).