Apprenticeships and Learnerships Bridges Skills Shortage Gap

Apprenticeships and learnerships bridge the skills shortage in South African businesses. When businesses enter a learnership, they are creating a solid and fair economy.

Apprenticeships not only help people with disabilities and others reach their potential, but helps existing workforce improve in production.

Thousands of employees have benefited from the flexible apprenticeships and learnerships offered by various organizations such as Action. Employers say that apprenticeships have helped them develop skills related to their business and noticed a marked improvement in productivity.

For apprenticeships and learnerships to offer massive opportunities, they must be of the highedst standards. These high standards help learners to gain skills needed to help with career growth, whilst seeing the benefits of a workforce with skills, knowledge and behavior they require.

At Action we focus on creating skills and experiences that employers and employees need. Employers are included in the training and their business requirements are always considered.

Many businesses already see learnerships as the lifeblood to their strategic recruitment process. Higher and degree learnerships are expensive and take longer to complete than certificate type training. The positive aspect of skills training is that it takes up to one year to complete and its on-the-job training – covering both theory and practicals.

We ensure that apprenticeships are as accessible as possible, encouraging take up from previously disadvantaged groups so that more people can gain from increased salary and work opportunities.

The World Economic Forum predicts that by 2020 more than one-third of desired core skills sets of most occupations will be comprised of skills that aren’t considered crucial to the job today.

Once your business understands the roles that are critical to winning, as well as the skills and capabilities needed to excel in these roles, it is vital to determone the current skills and intellectual properties of your workforce.