Apps for the visually impaired and blind

Apps for the visually impaired and blind are readily available  in this day and age.  We will have a look at some of the top apps of this year and what functions they have to offer the visually impaired and blind smart phone user.   Ariadne GPS   A GPS for the blind that makes walking around easy and safe.  This app is one very useful one as the need for mobility amongst the blind is very sought after and now possible. It works on the same programme as most GPS but has a vibrate function to caution blind pedestrian.  Direction is given by voice and when crossing street phone will vibrate.   LookTel money reader   With coins it is possible for a blind person to know the type as most have ridges or smooth sides…but with paper money it was left up to a seeing person to handle.  Now with this app it is possible for a blind person to have that independence.  The app tells the blind user what the denomination is using just the camera.   Voice Brief   Voice brief is a brilliant app for the blind as it reads all email and messages with a touch of a button.  This app is also available in a free “lite” version to try out   VM alert   VM alert is a video motion detector.  Especially useful for those that stay alone or work late and travel and don’t want to be startled and surprised without warning. This app let’s of a soft alarm or tone and is very accurate.   Yellow Pages   Well the name says it all but now the visually impaired are able to find and contact business and services simply with a voice request.   Talking scientific calculator   We all use calculators right? now the vision impaired can too.  This app works with voice over and you can choose a voice that you prefer or use your own. a wonderfully easy app to use and available in a free version.     Technology has certainly come a long way and now everyone can benefit from it. These apps for the visually impaired and blind are available in the Google Play Store on any android phone.

Feel free to comment on any new apps that you would suggest