Assistive Device Hacks That Wont Cost An Arm And Leg


Assistive device hacks are usually expensive, but there are a few cost-effective hacks that make a lot of difference to people with limited mobility.

#1.  Touch lamps

Many people know what touch lamps are, they only need a light tap to be switched on.  They are especially good for people with limited mobility.  You can put loops on lamp pulls using string. A touch lamp is easier to use when you have dexterity and is visually pleasing – there are many styles.

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#2.  Safety Pins For Clothing

Using safety pins is a cheap assistive device hack for keeping your clothes attached and in place through the day.  One big complaint of wheelchair users is their skirts sliding up, which is difficult to correct when its up.  Larger safety pins are the best and you can get them almost anywhere.

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#3.  Incense Sticks

This is useful for lighting candles.  These aromatic sticks are perfect for lighting candles when you struggle with dexterity.  Light the end of the incense stick and then light the candle.  Take caution and make sure you have a glass of water close by to extinguish the incense stick once done.

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 #4.  Pallet Ramp

A wooden pallet outside the entrance where there may be a gap helps.  This way you don’t have to worry about the gap when you go outside.

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#5.  Dog Leashes To Close Doors

Attach a dog leash to door knobs and pull the door shut behind you.  Use plastic hooks to tie the excess hooks out of the way.  Wrap the leash around your hand and pull to shut the door, when the door is close hook your wrist in the door.

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Assistive device hacks don’t need to expensive and if you use your imagination, you could create some yourself.