Assistive Devices For CP Children

Assistive Devices For CP Children

Assistive devices for CP children are an absolute must have.  Cerebral palsy is a condition that affects motor skills, mobility and muscle tone. It affects other body functions that are needed for mobility and muscles, such as breathing, bladder and bowel control, talking and eating. Here are a few assistive devices for CP children, that can make a world of difference.

Adaptive Tricycle

Therapeutic cycling can improve breathing, swallowing and development of head and trunk. The Tricycle also strengthens anti-gravity muscles, improved eye-hand coordination, and self-esteem.

 Car Seats

There are different regulations to adhere to when traveling with CP children. Never adapt a car seat on your own, it’s not the same thing.

 Communication Devices

Due to the muscle spasm that CP children have in their mouth, throat, and tongue,  they struggle to talk. Augmentative Alternative Communication (AAC) devices allow children with CP to communicate, according to their needs, such as signs, letter, pictures, and even voice.


Children with spastic CP struggle to walk as their muscles in their hips and legs are tight. When both legs are affected, a wheelchair is the best assistive device for CP children.  There are many wheelchairs specially designed for individuals with CP.

StoolScooters and Standing Equipment

These are a standing frame for a paraplegic or a pediatric individual with CP.  Standers lean backward, support the back of the body and do not have head control.

Bath and Toilet Chairs

Being able to use the toilet, gives a person with CP a sense of independence.  However, there would have to be some modifications made for safety and hygiene. Bath chairs also provide a safe and peaceful experience.

Writing Aids

There is a variety of writing aids such as pencil grips, weighted pens or pencils, and slanted writing boards. These assistive devices for CP children reduce strain and pain in different parts of the body.