Autism Spectrum Disorder – Blessing and Curse

Autism Spectrum Disorder – blessing and curse

Autism manifests in a few ways, making it difficult to diagnose. Some people with Autism spectrum disorder are clever but anti-social. Others are aggressive and have some form of mental condition. There are also sensory issues where noises can trigger negative responses. The autistic child suffers from tics, headbanging or rocking back and forth.

Basically, it’s not simple to put into a box and say:

“this is how an autistic child is”

What Do We Know?

  • It’s a neurological condition
  • It’s a misunderstood disability within the community
  • Having a child with autism spectrum disorder is frustrating and confusing at times
  • They have an unusual and increased reaction to sounds, tastes, smell, textures, and lights.
  • They cannot understand other peoples emotions
  • They prefer being alone
  • They cannot make eye contact

The Positive Side Of Autism

  • Autistic people are highly dedicated to things of interest – they become very skilled at what hobby or activity they enjoy. Some children have even gone on to become prodigies.

Their communication is concise – talking to a person with autism spectrum disorder, you might find intimidating as they are very blunt and to the point. They don’t hide how they feel about a person and you just know they are sincere people.

  • Excellent attention to detail – they are perfectionists and when they do a task – its thorough and accurate. You need errors found – ask a person with autism spectrum disorder.
  • They are humble – they don’t need much to feel content. They feel safe with routine, solitude, hobbies, and There aren’t many as grateful as these people.
  •  loyalty – autistic people are very committed to the projects and people they choose.
  • Self Awareness – they are not only aware of themselves but of others too.
  •  Logical thinkers – other people are driven by “feelings” or “implied” meanings, whereas they are highly logical.