Be My Eyes App

Be My Eyes App for android is a new Danish technology invention. This new app allows visually impaired “see” using their phones video camera. Be my Eyes app for android works when a sighted person registers with the service and receive notification that  visually impaired person who signed up also needs help. Once a match is found there will be a connection via audio and video call. Essentially allowing you to “lend” your eyes to visually impaired person  who points their phones rear facing camera at whatever they would like to see. The two can then work together to solve the problem.   Once a match is found, the two of you are connected via an audio/video call, essentially enabling you to ‘lend’ your eyes to the visually-impaired person who points their phone’s rear-facing camera at whatever it is they want to see. The two of you then collaborate over the call to solve the problem.   Since launch servers have been overloaded but there are at present 13,000 signed volunteers. 2000 people have been helped this far according to apps built in metrics.   . Meanwhile, over 2,000 ‘blind’ people have been helped so far, according to the app’s built-in metrics. As for the helped needed it seems to be mostly in the kitchen. Expiry date and allocating something in fridge are most asked of. Menus of an audio player where the voice overs fall short are also top of list. Another popular request is door numbers when visually impaired person is in unknown area.   The app has a simple points system to encourage volunteers to keep assisting. There is also a blocking function for two people that might not get along avoiding awkward situations of them being paired again. The app is completely non profit and wS developed by volunteers after seeing Hand Jorgen Wiberg who us visually impaired pitch the idea. Since Be My Eyes has received go ahead and support from Danish Blind Society as well as Velux and Robocat software developers.