Being Positive as a Disabled Person is Key

Being Positive as a Disabled Person

Being positive as a disabled person is a little more work than for an able-bodied person. For a person with a disability, there are many pressures in daily life.

Here are a few tips for staying positive when living with a disability:

  • Support is Important

Find a circle of loyal and understanding friends. Stick with people that have a positive energy and the world will be just that much brighter. It is true that we are the company we keep – choose your tribe.

Find the positive people that encourage and make you feel good about yourself. Positive people will always give positive advice and be honest. Connect with people in a positive manner. There are going to be people that are not sure about how to communicate with you. They may feel a bit intimidated by your physical disability and not be sure how to start a conversation. Be the first to engage and you may make a wonderful new connection.

  • Set reasonable expectations

This works both ways. The expectations you have of others and the ones you have for yourself. Be aware of your abilities and limitations and work on that. Encourage yourself with positive affirmations and meditation. Whatever you believe, you will receive. The power of positivity has worked for many people with disabilities.

Having said that, do not push yourself too hard just to please others or prove something. Do what makes you happy. Even able bodied people cannot always meet their expectations. Its okay to fail sometimes.

  • Make the most of what you got

 What are you looking at? Your abilities? Or your limitations?

Everyone has limitations. Rather focus on your capabilities and you will find that it is magical. Your disability isn’t a curse. You can enjoy the same things that able-bodied people enjoy, just with a little more effort. Exercise and eat healthy. Do a hobby that you enjoy. Find beauty in the small things.

Tell yourself that you deserve love and life and you will gain the confidence needed to live life to the fullest.