Benefits of Employing a Disabled person

Benefits of Employing a Disabled person

Benefits of employing a disabled person and profit.  Employees with disabilities are affordable but there are many other benefits besides your bottom line.

People with disabilities are creative when adapting to a given task or environment. They are brilliant at problem solving skills, flexibility and perserverance.  They are always keen to learn and try out new things.

 Inclusive work places also experience a lower staff turnover. According to recent studies, working with employees that are disabled brings awareness to co-workers.  The staff turnover is low when the business implements a learnership programme.

 Enterimg into a learnership is great for branding as customers are keen to do business with companies that employ people with disabilities. This will bring about higher financial returns, branding and innovation for your business.

 Over a billion people worldwide are living with a disability of some sort. That is about one in seven people. Most become disabled from the age of 18 and 64 and are unemployed.

 Companies in the US that employ people with disabilities gain in profit, value and stakeholder returns. In South Africa we still do not recognize the potential of employing people with disabilities. If companies were to open their arms to disabled employees, they would gain strength and a healthier economy.

Many believe that it would be expensive to for businesses to accommodate persons with disabilities. Research indicates this is a false belief.  Companies who employ people with disabilities gain a workforce that out perfoms co-workers and reaps profits.

 Companies that are inclusive are twice as likely to have higher stakeholder profits than others, on average. Over time they are four times likely to have a total stakeholder profit that outperforms others in their industry.

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