Benefits of employing people with disability

Benefits of employing people with disabilities are vast. Equality of opportunities in employment is lacking in South Africa. All that is needed is barrier free employment and support in terms of reasonable adjustments and inclusive management.

Governments should be the forerunners with regards to inclusive recruitment. This will only happen if the public sector sees improvement and employment practices to address concerns about costs and risks associated with people with disabilities as employees in the workplace.

Diability is not a health issue. It is an umbrella term that covers not only impairment and activity, but also body and limitations on daily activities. Impairment is a problem that is restrictive.

Employees with disabilities are:

  • Productive – they perform as well as others when given a chance
  • Reliable – they take fewer days offf and take sick leave
  • Affordable – recruitment fees are lower
  • Safe – they are less likely to sustain an injury on the job
  • Good branding – they increase the good image of a business

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