Blind Communities and Discrimination

Blind communities and discrimination is everywhere, including the workplace. If you ask any blind person they will tell you how they are affected by discrimination. Companies will enter into a learnership with partially blind learners. But what about the person with total blindness?

At Action we hope to change this and show the blind employees as functioning, capable humans. We believe that people with disabilities  deserve a fair chance to pursue a successful career. We believe we can remove blind communities and discrimination factor.

Learnership programmes empower and help to balance skills shortage in South Africa. Action believes that learnerships support transformation. The value of a learnership is that they help to create jobs for people with disabilities. Learnership programmes have grown over the years and there is a clear relationship between employer, trainer and SETA.

There is a demand for assisting people with disabilities into a learnership program. Many people face endless challenges with employment in South Africa, and for people who are visually impaired it is even harder. Action is an NGO that cares to collaborate with government and the community in helping people with disabilities gain skills to be employable.

We are aware that there are many stereotypes and a trend of assuming people with visual impairments can’t do certain jobs. Unless society becomes more educated about people with disabilities, there will be a lack of employment for this overlooked group of South Africans.

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