Blind Man Graduates From Cooking School

Blind man graduates from cooking school. Szabolcs Kurucsai, lost his eyesight nine years ago – but this hasn’t stopped him from moving forward.

In his mid 20s, he lost his eyesight in one eye after an operation – nine years ago he lost his sight in the other eye.

Kurucsai was told by many doctors that his condition was irreversible and he would be completely blind.

“I didn’t give it up, I didn’t want to commit suicide…I’m not that kind of guy…I visited doctor after doctor, but everybody said, whether you accept it or not, it will never change. So I accepted it”

Kurucsai founded the Mast Association which is an NPO that spreads awareness, mostly amongst children – on how to treat handicapped people.

According to him, people aren’t snobbish because they are bad, they are snobbish because they never been in that situation before.

Kurucsai has visited many schools in last five years – meeting more than 50,000 children and teaching 5,000 in only six month.

The children he encountered were surprised at his ability to perform daily tasks such as cooking.

During one class, he gave some children eye patches to try cook blindfolded. The observation the he made after they put on the eyepatches was that the children started helping each other around the room. This is what inspired Kurucsai to attend cooking school.

Kurucsai was expected to complete 386 hours of cooking training, but nobody wanted to hire him as a trainee. He was fortunate enough though to be accepted by the Art Hotel Szeged and the blind man graduated from the 1 year programme with an A-grade.

Kurucsai enjoyed the programme and took with him good memories. His best memory was the time he made risotto. He noted how it made him feel happy when he tasted his own cooking. The second most memorable time was when he held his diploma in his hand with tears in his eyes he was proud that he could finish it.

Kurucsai is fond of cooking but the bustle of a busy kitchen is overwhelming. “I only did the classes to prove to myself and to society, that a blind man can do it, to set an example” said Szabolcs Kurucsai after the blind man graduates from cooking school.

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