Blind People Care About Beauty

 Blind People Care About Beauty

Blind people care about beauty and are just as image-conscious as any other individual. The same things seeing people are concerned about, bother blind people too.  Not everyone who is blind has low self-esteem. All people struggle with their self-esteem from time to time. Blind people care what others think of them too.

  1. Amanda Swatford

This young, partially blind model, who made to the final 11 of Americas Next Top Model – is proof that blind people are image conscious.  The aspiring model was diagnosed with Retinitis pigmentosa that eventually leads to blindness. This young blind lady is an inspiration to other blind people who care to become blind models.  Her success has shown others that what one may lack in one area, is made up for in other areas.  Since the Top Model competition, she has gone on to model for brands such as Levis and more.

  1. Ricky Welling

Sadly, for some reason, there is not much on this pro bodybuilder. There is, however, mention of him in a few bodybuilding threads. Another blind person exceeding his limitations and showing the world, blind people can look good too. The bodybuilder has been blind since birth and is an inspiration to others. It’s not easy for him as he has to be helped on stage and surpass other obstacles in the gym space. This man is proof that blind people care about their image.

Blind People Aren’t Fussy

There is this shallow belief that blind people don’t care too much about how their partner looks, as they cannot see them.  This is so far from the truth. In the YouTube video, others explain what beauty means to them, and why blind people care about attraction.

I think there’s a perception among sighted people, that blind people don’t give a*** about what other people look like because we can’t see them

“I think I’m pretty shallow just like everyone else” a blind woman added on the YouTube video