Blind Pianists That Rocked the World

Blind pianists know too well that music does not discriminate. We have grown up knowing many musicians who made some pretty damn great music. There are blind pianists who have reached stardom through various genres of music. The most astounding fact is that many of these musicians learned through playing by ear.

Ray Charles

One of the best pianists and songwriters, he laid the foundation of soulful music. Many musicians today still use his music as inspiration.

 This jazz pianist lost his sight at the age of 7. In the early years this talented African American musician was taught music through Braille. It was a difficult process as he had to learn one hand movement style of playing. He use one hand to play and the other to read the Braille notes. And so his love for jazz and blues was born.

Ray went on to win an International Blues award. He was a successful businessman who started a foundation for deaf children. The foundation awards students with scholarships for the deaf.

Stevie Wonder

Stevie is probably the most well known blind piano player. He was inspired by Ray Charles and it shows in his music. A child piano prodigy, he is one of the youngest pianists to have achieved high level of expertise. By the age of 11, he had many recording deals and some of the best timeless songs we still enjoy today.

Stevie was born too early and it affected his eyesight. He became blind at a young age. He was playing instruments such as drums, piano and harmonica for the church choir. Motown Records scooped him up and he came to be known as one of the best pianists.  

How to become a blind pianist