Weddings For Brides With Disabilities in South Africa

Weddings for brides with disabilities is a challenge, especially if the bride or groom is wheelchair bound.  Here are a few tips to consider when planning a wedding for brides with disabilities.

#1.  The Dress

The wedding outfit is an important part of the big day and every woman’s dream, to see her husbands face as she makes her way down the aisle.  Finding the right dress for brides with disabilities is the hardest task.  The bride will have to find a tailor that can alter your dress to fit you and your wheelchair.  Keep an open mind about dresses until you try them on – you may actually love the dress you haven’t tried on.


#2.  The Venue

For most brides with disabilities, it is best to avoid church ceremonies, unless you are religious.  Reason for this is that its easier to be at one venue than having to be moved from one place to another. Choosing a wheelchair friendly venue is your best bet.  Unfortunately, there are not many venues who consider wheelchair users, but there are hotels that have accommodations in place. The venue must have ramps to the entrance and function area and elevators to the rooms.

You should make a point of visiting wedding venues and seeing for yourself if there is enough accessibility.  Ask about ramps and if they are skid free.

Here are just a few of our favorite accessible wedding venues:

#3.  Hens Night 

A fun night out with the girls can be stressful if you end up at a nightclub that isn’t accessible.  Make sure your maid of honor is aware of your needs as a priority.  Many disabled brides prefer booking into a resort with their girls and keeping the party relaxed and small.

#4.  Pimped Up Wheelchair

A great idea is to get a secondhand wheelchair and decorate it to suit your wedding theme and dress.  Instead of a bouquet that’s a mission to hold while pushing your wheelchair, you could opt for a corsage.