Call Center Training for The Blind in Johannesburg

Call center training for the blind and disabled available now in Roodepoort. The call center industry is the ideal environment for the blind and disabled. At Action, we ensure that call centers gain capable and efficient employees.

 Visually impaired people do not need to be held back. With the correct accommodations, these employees are set to impress any employee. It is a fact; people with vision loss are the best call center agents out there.

Accommodations required in a call center training for the blind, include:

  • Adjusted lighting
  • Voicemail and email messaging
  • Screen readers or magnifiers
  • Large print or Braille
  • Large monitors
  • Scanners

Employees, who implement JAWS screen readers, will see a floor of productive and successful staff. Action strives to ensure that employers see that an employee with a disability can do the job and are assets. Employees with a disability want what anyone else wants: Independence

Studies show that employees who are happy and included lead to more successful and profitable companies. Research shows that frontline employees should be prioritized for business success.

Employees are most productive if they are spiritually, mentally and physically healthy. A satisfied employee will be more productive and motivated. With the correct tools and a chance to enter the call center workspace, people with disabilities will prove to be the best employees.

By hiring a disabled candidate, you are able to extend the pool of high quality staff. Employers have noted that people with disabilities have high attendance records and that their positive energy inspires their co-workers.

In 2011, a blind call center agent made the news in England. Carmen Glover was the first blind person to join the police and take 999 emergency calls. Glover won the Call Center Management Association Award.

  For more information about training that we offer, please contact Elsie Botha on 011 763 3366 or and Stephen Bergers on 011 763 2429 or