Fabulous Careers for Blind People

Careers for blind people is possible. Since the rise of technology, the attitudes of people with disabilities is a positive one. There are many doors being opened for people with all types of disabilities, whether physical or intellectual.

There are over 300 careers to consider for people with visual impairments.

Here are a few careers for blind people:

  1. Financial Advisor

If you are a person with strong people skills and hold a degree in business or economics. This is the career for you.

  • Network Engineer

Network engineers are technology professionals who plan, implement and oversee computer networks that support voice, data, video and wireless networks service.

 Many people with visual impairments have learned to succeed at this type of career.

  • Software Developer

This career is possible through adaptive technology such as screen reader software and more. With these adaptive technologies, people who are blind can code and do the work involved in developing computer programmes. One percent of computer programmers worldwide are blind.

  • Physiotherapist

Blind people have a strong sense of touch. This is why they make brilliant physiotherapists. They also tend to listen more attentively to what their patients have to say.

  • Website Developer

There is a growing need for accessible websites. You could become a specialist in this market.

  • Marketing Guru

This entails advising companies on the best way to brand and sell their services or products. Why not look at the accessibility and disability product market.

  • Teacher or trainer

There are many teaching and training centers that employ people with disabilities to teach students with disabilities. Find out from a blind organization where and how you can get the appropriate training.