Tips for Caregivers and People with Disabilities

Tips for Caregivers and People with Disabilities

Caregivers and people with disabilities tips. Caring for people with disabilities is not an easy task. It can be mentally and physically draining. Here are a few tips for caregivers of people with disabilities.

 Do not take things personally

Disability comes with depression most times and the person with disabilities will be moody. Try to be understanding of their physical, mental and emotional turmoil. They may not show it, but they do appreciate all you do.

Do not show pity

We all feel pity for others and especially for those with disabilities. Many disabled people don’t like pity as it makes them feel even more powerless. Show compassion but never show them pity. Do not say things like:

“shame, I don’t know how I would survive”

 Be positive and patient. Do not expect them to get things right immediately. They need time to learn what you are teaching them. Give them positive affirmations and encouragement.


This is the best way to relieve stress and build strength so that you can help a person with a disability. It also releases the feel good hormone “endorphins’ which make you feel great. When you are fit, you are healthy in mind too.

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