Challenges Blind Job Hunters Face

Challenges blind job hunters face are many. Discrimination among the visually impaired has increased recently. This is no new topic or even surprising to many in the blind community. There are jobs for visually impaired people but only if you have at least 50 percent vision. Where does this leave those who have total blindness?

 Many go for an interview and do not even make it past the waiting area. When an HR manager sees a candidate is completely blind, they are turned away. They make false promises that they will call you but do  not. There are companies who advertise for people with disabilities but will only take those who are in a wheelchair or with 50 percent vision as this seems like less effort.

Any completely blind person will tell you that this is something they experience. Are completely blind people not supposed to work? This causes division and conflict when others are prioritized. Where is the practice of equality in the workplace for all South Africans?

 What makes one disability easier than the other? If companies have a few accommodations in place, then it wont be too much effort. With the correct training employees who are blind can impress any employee. Employment is dire among this group of people with disabilities. Where is legislation and businesses falling short when it comes to rectifying this issue? It starts with education about what blind people can do.

At Action, we train our employees to be capable and gain the skills needed to be an asset. Through learnership programs we can disprove the stigma that stands for people who are completely blind. We aim to minimise the challenges blind job hunters face.

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