Children With Aspergers-5 Ways To Prevent Bullying

5 Ways To Prevent Bullying Of Children With Aspergers

  1.  Educate Your Child About Bullying

Children with Aspergers are unfortunately victims of bullying.  These children don’t even realize they are being bullied.  A bully will go to no ends to ridicule a child with Aspergers, by making them do things that could even get them in serious trouble.  Educate your children with Aspergers about the difference between a friend and a bully.

2.  Teach Your Child To Not React

As much as you would like to see the bully get their dues, do not encourage violence. Teach your child to walk away and tell an adult.  A bully wants a reaction and will lose interest if they are not getting the response they feed on.

“They’re not bullying you because of you, but because of how they are.”

3.  Educate Your Child About Cyber Bullying 

Cyberbullying is a bully emailing a message to your son pretending to be someone he knows and likes and luring him on a date.  The bullies wait at the place they agree on a meeting place where they are waiting to attack. Always observe and see what your child is doing online.

4.  Safety In Numbers

Most situations of bullying are stopped when there is a bystander that intervenes. Organise a mentor or buddy that your child feels comfortable enough to report the bullying to.  Bullies won’t attack someone that isn’t alone.

5. Educate Parents, Teachers, and Students About The Acceptance Of Disabilities

Bullies make fun of children that they see as “odd”.  By educating students about children with Aspergers, you can create acceptance.  Awareness will also encourage other students to report and stand against bullying. If teachers address the bullying in a constructive way, so will the students. Do not teach the students to fight the bully, but rather to run and tell a teacher.