Christmas Gifts For Kids With Disabilities

Christmas gifts for kids with disabilities is a tedious task as you have to find toys that are appropriate and useful. Here are appropriate gift ideas for different disabilities:

#1.  Blind and Visually Impaired 

  • Light Stax – plastic construction blocks that interlock with each other.  This unique toy features LED technology that magically illuminates when connected to a power base or another lite stax block.  This improves hand-eye coordination, visual and tactile stimulation.
  • Braille Doll – first designed by a teacher who searched for creative ways to teach Braille.  There are six buttons on the doll’s tummy that are pressed to form Braille letters.  The buttons help children engage with the doll while teaching colors, visual and tactile senses.
  • Finger Paint Kit – gives kids the sensation of odd textures while getting their hands dirty while having fun.  If you want your child to experience messy fun then finger paint is the way to go and it is affordable too.
  • Musical Instruments – such as guitars, keyboard or even a flute.  This will encourage your child to use the sense of hearing to have fun.

#2.  Special Needs and Learning Impairments

  • Bouncy ball with handles – These are perfect for physical therapy and fun too.  Working those little muscles and improving balance and stability.
  • Play Dough and Clay – great for sensory avoidance issues in children with autism.
  • Puzzles – improves motor and cognitive skills.
  • Floor Games – Engaging, fun and colorful.

#3.  Limited mobility

  • Plasma Car – can be propelled by wiggling the steering wheel.  It drives forward using inertia, centrifugal force, and friction.  It doesn’t require power source or batteries.  It is safe to use indoors and outdoors.
  • Floor puzzle – great for tummy training time and letter recognition.
  • Elmo peek-a-boo – with a press of a button Elmo raises and lowers his blanket.

#4.  Deaf and Hearing Impaired

  • Toy Dragon – comes with a toy cochlear implant, very cute and encourages acceptance.
  • Rattles and Shakers – great for infants to increase sensory skills.
  • Feel books – with different textures on each page for the child to experience.