Christmas Parties for People With Disabilites

Christmas Parties for People With Disabilites

Christmas parties for people with disabilities should be a time of celebration and happiness, but the truth is that it can be overwhelming at best. For those with autism it is a noisy and the senses are overloaded. For those in wheelchairs, there may be too many obstacles and limited space to move around.

Extended families need to get together beforehand and discuss and plan the day with accessibility in mind. Workplaces also need to consider the needs of their disabled workers and make accommodations for them in advance.

Christmas time is a time for giving and not just receiving. Everyone that is bringing a gift for a person with a disability should consider their limitations but also treat them just as they would the other family members. Also allow the person who is disabled to give without hearing “Oh no you really didn’t need to…” this will take away the spirit of Christmas and they will feel lesser.

Prepare the Christmas party in advance and get everyone involved. Family can make notes of party game ideas that will suit children with disabilities and their peers alike.

Every little thing counts and the main goal is to ensure that the disabled person can enjoy in the festivities without everyone else having to run around too much. This is a season of love and giving!