Cool Things About People With Disabilties

Cool Things About People With Disabilties

Cool things aboiut people with disabilites that you didn’t know. You may be a person with a visble or invisble disability and would like people to know that you are actually pretty damn cool. Here we have put a few facts together that are really cool:

They are great to talk to

Even if they do not talk at first, you should totally start a conversation with a disabled person.

They are happy people

Many would believe that they would rather die than be disabled. The truth is that humans are really adaptable and able to transition into their disability. They find happiness through friends, family and themselves.

Patience is key

When you have a disability, you become patient and over time become experts at being patient. Patience is good for your emotional growth and teaches humility.  

They do not sweat the small things

Having a disability is stressful. Wheelchairs break, health insurance depletes and caregivers leave. People with disabilities learn to cope with stress by prioritizing and not losing their minds. This is why people with disabilities are some of the most calm people you will ever know.