Customized Devices For Children With Disabilities

Customized devices for children with disabilities are helpful for children diagnosed with autism. Here is a list of just a few customized devices.

Sensory Chair

Children who have autism spectrum disorder struggle with sensory overload.  The chair is designed with input from autistic children’s family and designed to suit their needs.  This creates a secure, distraction-free space enabling mobility, concentration, and calm.


Musical Toothbrush

This helps children brush their teeth effectively while a song plays. There are a variety of colorful playful designs to choose from.

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Shoe Sensors

Shoe sensors help parents keep an extra eye on their children with autism so that they don’t stray too far away.  Fitting easily into your child’s shoes. The ‘Monkey’ sensors is a customized device that alerts parents when their child wanders off when they get distracted for just a moment.

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Multi-Touch Surface

Multi-touch surface computer games teach children how to organize items, interact and share with other children.

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Mattress And Bed Sensors

Mattress and bed sensors track breathing rates, heart rates and movement of children as they sleep and warn of impending seizure and bedwetting.

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Tantrum Tracker

This helps parents gain a better perspective on their child’s behavior and what caused it, when it occurred and the severity of it.

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ZenBound 2 App

Meditative puzzle game app with wrapping rope and wooden structures by tilting iPad and rotating screen with your fingers.  A calming atmosphere with beautiful images and zen soundtrack.

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The Dolphin Swim Float

This customized device for children is best for physically disabled children who have limited mobility in their necks and head. The pads help reduce tipping over, and chest pad provides extra lifting. The crotch strap keeps Dolphin swim float in position.

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