Daily Challenges of The Visually Impaired

Daily Challenges of The Visually Impaired

Daily challenges of the visually impaired. To be visually impaired is to be misunderstood. The sighted have their own idea of what blind people are, without getting to know them first.

Blind people do function in daily life, they just do it differently. There are a few barriers and challenges that they face daily:

#1. Moving around

The biggest challenge is navigating around places they haven’t been before. They do however navigate perfectly fine in environments they have been before many times. They know their house from back to front. Do not move their furniture around unless they ask you to.

Unfortunately not all public places are accessible and this can make moving around very difficult for people with vision loss.  

#2. Finding Good Reading Material

Blind people have a hard time finding good reading material. Millions of blind people do not even have decent textbooks in Braille. Internet books are the way but what about people who do not have access to a computer?

Blind people need image description for understanding what is represented through pictures. Most of the time, websites do not give clear image descriptions.

#3.   Arranging Clothes

 most visually impaired people depend on objects, shaoe and texture to do their laundry. This can be a difficult task when arranging socks that are the same texture but different colors.

 #4. Some Will Help Too Much

As much as they appreciate assistance, there are times this can be unwelcomed. Some overly helpful people that just assume the blind person needs help and gives it without asking first. Always ask the blind person if they need help and do not rush a blind person if they seem to do things slower.

#5. Gaining Independence

To a blind person, there is nothing better than being independent. People with vision loss can live independently and this is thanks to adaptive equipment and skills programmes. It is however not that easy for blind people to get these adaptive tools if they don’t have the finances to do so. This is where the community can help us.