Blind Date – Tips for Dating a Blind Person

Blind Date – Tips for Dating a Blind Person

Dating a blind person is a blind date that needs a few tips. Many blind people say there are a few things they would like sighted people to know when dating a blind person.

 First impressions do count

Even though they cant see you, they will still remember their first encounter with you. The thongs you need to take care of is your smell, the way you talk and describe things. If you don’t take to time to consider the blind date, then it will show. This isn’t an impression you want to make if you want to see them again. Bad body odour is a definite no!

 Be Open

This is important for all relationships. If we cant be honest and talk openly then how will we be able to trust eachother. Ask questions and answer them honestly.

If you are unsure about something, just ask. Blind people do not want you walking on eggshells – it makes them uncomfortable. People who are blind are not easily offended if you ask them what you can do on your first date.

 Accept that their guide dog is a part of them

Their service animal is going to be with them every step of the way. Make sure you go on dates where a guide dog is allowed. Do not distract the guide dog and do not touch without asking.

‌ They do not need a savior

People who are blind need a companion not a hero. They are all hero on their own. They want to feel like they are equal to you and not like a helpless burden.