Differently Abled Musicians

Differently abled musicians are not just your average musicians. Here we take a look at differently abled musicians and their many talents:

Itzhak Perlman

Undoubtedly the best violinist of all time. Even though he had polio, he worked very hard and was able to walk using crutches. He uses a scooter and crutches to get around and was invited to play at Obamas inauguration.

Ray Charles

Ray Charles is known for creating his own genre of music – country blues with a touch of gospel. He is one of the best artist of all times and he is blind. This musician went blind at the age of 6.  

 Jacqueline du Pre

A brilliant cellist suffers from multiple sclerosis. Her performances were like no other even though her illness affected her severely and she died at the age of 28.

Rick Allen – Def Leppard

Drummer Rick Allen’s arm was severed when he was thrown out of a racing car after losing control of the steering wheel. Allen thought his career was over when doctors couldn’t save his arm but his band encouraged him to overcome his disability. He