Disability and Religion

Disability and Religion

Disability and religion has a role in society that we do not discuss enough. Many people believe that sickness and disability is a punishment for evil acts. There are four major religions that see it differently:


Christians have from the beginning tried to integrate people with disabilities into society. Jesus lived among and healed the blind, paralysed and deaf people. He served them, humbled himself in Gods love for all.

People with disabilities were usually under the care of slaves, Christianity ended this. People with disabilities came into custody of the Christian church. Orthodox churches display icons of saints such as a human with the head of a dog. This is aperson who is disabled through a deformity at birth. This symbol is proof that early Christians saw people with disabilities as believers of God.


Jewish culture is all for helping people that are weaker in society. Jewish people are seen helping disabled people gain independence.


Buddhists believe that disabilities are a cause of karma from a past life. Disability in this life brings through good karma for the people who help people with disabilities. The Dalai Lama see disabilities as a positive way to teach humility and selflessness in this life.


Muslims believe that weak people are extra specialin Gods eyes. They believe that it is a command to help those with disabilities. The Koran states that Allah does not love proud, selfish people.