Disability And Sexuality – The Naked Truth

Disability and sexuality is a complex topic and it takes courage to get out there and do the deed. This can be an arduous task, especially when your body is busy in battle with itself. You compare yourself to able-bodied people who look like Greek gods, with their perfectly chiseled abs. Your hair may be falling out due to all the medication and to make matters worse, what positions are you able to do without looking like a fool?

Get Your Sexy Back

  • Sex Toys – help you to become aware of what makes you “tick”. That way you will be able to communicate about what you want in the bedroom with your partner.
  • Erotic Literature – may not include people with disabilities but can give you an idea of what turns you on.
  • Dress Up – nothing makes us feel sexier and confident than looking our best.
  • Set The Mood – Use dim lighting, even able-bodied people prefer this as it masks all the body flaws.  Use your favorite scent and get the senses invigorated. And don’t forget to put on some sexy music.
  • Learn The Positions – The Mighty has a wonderful article on sex positions for people with limited mobility.

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Read About Other Peoples Experiences

  • Talk To others – there are many online forums for people with disabilities sharing their disability and sexuality.
  • Order A Book On The Subject – there are a good few books on the subject of disability and sexuality.

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I’m going to end with this…

You do matter, you aren’t invisible. Find and embrace your authentic self and have fun being just that!  Love yourself unconditionally, it isn’t selfish. Its the only way you can live a positive life. and gain the confidence to have a fulfilling sexual experience.