Disability and Societies Role

Disability and societies role. There are around 1 billion people worldwide that have a disability. In developing and developed countries, people with disabilities are poverty-stricken. They are excluded economically and socially despite their human rights. We need to get to a place where society embraces all, no matter their disabilities.

The media must portray a positive image of people with disabilities and the roles they play in society. This would remove the negative stereotypes and promote the rights and dignity of people with disabilities. Options should be developed on how to present people with disabilities in the media and the work of the UN to highlight the need for an inclusive society for all.

 The media should use the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities as a tool to enhance and promote equality in education, employment, health and other areas of development.

The media is a vital tool for awareness, removing stigma and misinformation. It can be a powerful way to alter societies false beliefs and include people with disabilities as part of human diversity.  

By increasing awareness and understanding of disability issues, diversity and situations, the media is making a change in the lives of people that have disabilities. The Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities requires states to raise awareness and remove the stereotypes of people with disabilities. Media should paint a positive strong message that is in alignment with our Human rights.

There is an increasing trend of people with disabilities starting their own projects and creating films about disability, podcasts and Youtube videos that are designed for people with disabilities.

Working with people who have a disability

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