Disability Consciousness vs Disability Culture in Workplace

Disability Consciousness vs Disability Culture in Workplace

Disability consciousness is a phenomenon that is often taken for granted in the disability community. Disability consciousness describes what happening disability community is better than disability culture does.

Disability culture functions to maintain the social order of things. Disability consciousness influences the actions that make up social movements. We at Action are disability conscious and do our best to empower the collective by educating society and people with disabilities as one entity.

Disability culture is the skeleton and the consciousness is its flesh. It will be judged by the success of the social movement it has. Disability culture has one function – maintaining social order. Disability consciousness is the energy behind social movements.

The First Step towards consciousness

This comes with awareness of self and others. We gain and give acceptance for all individuals. The culture of inclusion is driven by a conscious effort to make a change. By doing so in society, we are created a balanced economy and environment for all.

Better Understanding

If an employee has a disability, get all the information about their disability so that you know what they require. This way an employee can better understand what their weaknesses and strengths are and work around those. Always keep this information confidential and only share with the employee’s permission.

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