Disability E-Books And Hardcovers That Will Inspire

Disability E-books that will inspire and educate are available from a myriad of online shops such as Amazon, Loot and Barnes and Noble. Here are a few good books that we believe are the most inspiring and helpful.

disability hardcover books

#1.  Helping Couples And Families Navigate Illness And Disability – John S. Rolland

Couples and families of a disabled loved one experience many challenges and their coping skills are tested. Written with the intention to help affected people and their loved ones, with mention of many future obstacles and how to overcome these.  Rolland gives suggestions on how to intervene with future obstacles during long-term or life-threatening disorders.  Using case studies, the author illustrates how medical professionals can help families gain strength for positive growth and adaptation.

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disability e-books
disability E-books


#2.  The Woman Who Changed Her Brain – Barbara Arrowsmith-Young

The author was born with a severe learning disability that teachers said was a sign she was “slow” and many worse labels.  Young wrote everything backward as a child, she was physically uncoordinated and would always get lost.  The young lady never lost hope and with her strength and positivity she went on to graduate school.  There she found research that inspired her to develop cognitive exercises to fix her own brain – known as neuroplasticity.

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disability E-books
disability E-books

#3.  Understanding Disability – Peggy Quinn

This book identifies all the life stages for those living with a disability.  The book provides specific information about these four disabilities:

  • Downs Syndrome
  • Visual Impairment
  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Spina Bifida
  • Spinal cord injury

The author includes age-appropriate activities, accomplishments and adapted expectations.  The information in this book is aimed at helping social workers create treatment plans alongside other professionals to assist families and persons with a disability.

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