Disability In The Workplace – Breaking The Barriers

Disability in the workplace isn’t an often enough talked about topic.  There are barriers that need to break for people with a disability in the workplace. Even though they are skilled and efficient, they still face negative attitudes and physical barriers.

Here are some of the barriers that people with a disability face in the workplace:

#1. The Belief That People With Disabilities Are Given Preferences

Managers have a responsibility to keep the same standards and ethics the same for disabled and non-disabled employees, even if this means the tasks are varied for each individual.

#2Avoiding Your Colleague With A Disability

Many staff members are afraid to interact with a disabled colleague as they fear they may say something inappropriate. Get to know the person with a disability on a personal level, which will remove the uneasiness you may feel.

#3 Telling Them That They Are Brave For Seeking Employment As A Disabled Person

People with disabilities in the workplace are not looking for recognition for their bravery, they prefer recognition for their work.  Just like you have learned to adapt to being, tall, short and more.

#4.  Do Not Help Them Unless They Ask

People living with disabilities are capable of doing many things people who aren’t disabled can do. Don’t just assume that they are struggling with a task, if they need help, just like anyone they will ask.

#5.  Keep The Pity To Yourself

People with disabilities normally don’t react well to pity, they want to be treated as equals.  Being patronizing and saying things like “so, you must have a great sense of smell” or “I dont know how I would cope in your situation” is very belittling. This type of negative perception hurts the individual who is an authentic human, just like anyone else. Disability in the workplace shouldn’t be seen as charity, those individuals deserve their positions and they earned it just like everyone else.