Disability Isn’t a Curse

Disability, be it physical or mental, has been largely misunderstood by many. While some fail to understand the condition, others might be insensitive to it. Then there are some who believe that disability is a curse.

There have been so many instances where some people suffer mental illness or other physical challenge due to the wicked or evil act they did to some people in the community, but there has not been any statistics to support the notion that all those persons with disability are being cursed.

The belief that disabilities are ‘divine punishments’, and any subsequent miseries related to the disability are attributed to misdeeds from a past life. Beliefs that foster this negative perception support mistreatment and allow for the continuation of unfounded negative stereotypes. Understanding and exploring these beliefs is considered the first step in changing these negative perceptions.

Contrast Curse That Cures, where it’s a negative effect (rather than a beneficial superpower) that also accidentally fixes a disability; Disability Superpower, where the character gains superpowers as a result of and/or in order to compensate for their disability; and Superpower Disability, where the character is actually disabled in some way by gaining superpowers. See also Disability Immunity, where a disability a character suffers actually protects them in some situations. See also Not Disabled In VR, where the disability doesn’t exist in a virtual world.