Disability isn’t an Obstacle To Success

Disability isn’t an obstacle to success. Just look at Stephen Hawking , the most infleuntial scientist who was in a wheelchair most his life.

around 40 percent of people in a British Survey said that people with disabilities are not as productive as able bodied people. The same survey showed that people with disabilities noticed that people expected less from them because of their disability.

It is this way of thinking that creates barriers for people with disabilities. It is time we take the blinkers off and become disability aware.

Mark Pollock

Pollock was an athlete that went blind at the age of 22.

“I became a young man with a white cane, unsure how to live my life”

He found a deeper purpose and came to accept his disability which led to great things. He began to race in mountains, deserts and across the south pole in 43 days.

In 2010 an accident had left him paralyzed and his world turned upside down:

“My new life was shattered”

He had a choice, he could either let his disability define him or he could keep on fighting. There was ever only one option for him.

“If I just sat in a wheelchair, I’d be giving up completely”

Presently, he is working with other leaders from science, technology and communications to fund and fast-track a cure for paralysis. His obstacle became a blessing.