Disability themed Emojis Have Been Approved

Disability themed emojis are here! Finally, the introduction of dozens of new disability themed emojis has been wholeheartedly accepted by disability rights campaigners.

The introduction of dozens of new accessibility-themed emojis has been welcomed by disability rights campaigners.

The new emojis include:

  • hearing aids
  • wheelchairs
  • prosthetic limbs
  • white canes
  • guide dogs
  • woman and men emojis moving a finger to mouth – representing deafness
  • An ear with a hearing aid
  • Mechanical and manual wheelchair users

This followed a complaint by Apple that there arent any emojis representing people with disabilities. Peoplewith disabilities can look forward to the official emojis list in the second half of the year.

Phil Talbot from the disability charity Scope said that social media is the the most influential platform and it is a breath of fresh air that their are disability themed emojis included now:

We would also like to see greater representation of disabled persons and disability across all parts of the media and social media.”

There are 230 new emojis featured in the sixth major update to the official list.

A California based group maintains the list, collaborating with software developers and computing companies.

Emojis can be tweaked, but will be recognisable by platform owners:

  • Apple
  • Google
  • Microsoft
  • Samsung
  • Facebook
  • Twitter

The emojis will include all races and disability aids.

The American Council of the Blind and the National Association of the Deaf, and others were consulted about the drawings in March 2018. It was noted that one in seven people around the world has some form of disability.

Apple said:

This is not meant to be a comprehensive list of all possible depictions of disabilities, but to provide an initial starting point for greater representation for diversity within the emoji universe”

here is a list of the disability themed emojis: