Disability Training in The Workplace

Here is an article about disability in the workplace for those who wish to employ a person with a disability and need to be more aware:

It is a statistic that surprises many, but one that should be a huge wake-up call not only to the providers of public services, but to private businesses across the country. An awareness of disability and the issues surrounding it is not simply about being inclusive and ‘doing the right thing’.

In a period of fierce competition for individual custom and government contracts, it is also about maximising your company’s productivity, employee satisfaction and customer base. In our litigious age, it is also about ensuring your employees and potential recruits do not have to resort to discrimination suits in order to receive the equal treatment that they deserve, and to which they have a legal entitlement.

This article looks at what disability awareness in the modern era actually means, the more generic benefits of disability awareness training for your staff, and the practical benefits for your business of a better understanding of disability.

Disability awareness and disability discrimination

Disability awareness and disability discrimination training cover a lot of ground. They raise an awareness of issues surrounding impairment; they advise and inform employers of the legal aspects of disability discrimination covered by the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) now known as the Equality Act, and are compliant with these.

The Equality Act also tackles the larger picture, working to create an accessible social and work environment for all disabled people, and in the process pushing forward an inclusive disability agenda that ensures equality of opportunity for all.

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