Disability Vision and Mission

Disability Vision and Mission

Action for the Blind and Disabled Children in South Africa strives to ensure that people with disabilities are included in society. We believe that if the government, community and businesses can stand together, we can honour the rights of those with disabilities. Let not just talk about about fighting discrimination and lets walk the walk.

Adults and children with disabilities deserve to experience the same things able-bodied people do. They should be able to travel, vote and be employed just like everyone else. No one should be left behind and there should be equal rights for all. They need to be heard, seen and acknoweledged.

 The following values need to exist:

  • Autonomy and independence to make choices
  • Respect and dignity
  • Removal of discrimination through education
  • Inclusion into society
  • Acceptance of the disabled person and their disability
  • Opportunity
  • Equality
  • Accessibility
  • Preserving the identities of children with disabilities

 People with disabilities deserve to enjoy all human rights and freedoms. They have the right to be involved in political, civil and social culture of the community. We need to eliminate barriers and increase employment and healthcare for people with disabilities. We at Action offer tools and training for employment through advanced computer training.

 When we see a rise in employment in the disability community, we will know that their rights are being noticed.

 For more information about training that we offer, please contact Elsie Botha on 011 763 3366 or elsie@action4.org.za and Stephen Bergers on 011 763 2429 or stephen@action4.org.za