Tips for Disabled and Seeking Employment

Disabled and seeking employment? Finding a job is a tedious task for most, but for people with a disability, it’s even harder. Here are some tips if you are disabled and seeking employment:

#1.  Focus on your abilities

All job hunters must persuade the interviewer that they can fill all the job requirements.  If you need accommodations in place, then you should say things like ” I will be able to attend meetings if I can get my wheelchair through the door”.

It looks better if you can offer a detailed plan rather than just saying you can do the job.

Let the interviewer know hat you are capable of doing and how you plan on doing it.

#2.  Discuss whats necessary about your disability

If you are going to an interview in a building with no elevator and can’t get upstairs, you will need to explain ahead of time.  In most instances, the longer you hold off on discussing your disability, the better off you are.

 if you have a visible disability, it is best to acknowledge it, then swiftly discuss how you would get the work done.  You want to point out the fact and let the interviewer know that it doesn’t affect your work at all.

#3.  Show AND Tell

Use previous job references.  if you do not have any, then you can demonstrate how you do it.

#4.  Be Confident

Attitude is everything.  If you act positive and show self-confidence, then the job is yours. If you are self-conscious, try self-confidence boosting affirmations before you go to the interview. If you haven’t had a job prior to the interview, think of skills that you are good at.

There are many training centers such as Action4 the blind and disabled that teach the necessary skills needed for disabled job seekers. Give us a call for more information and advise.