Disabled Customer Etiquette

Disabled customer etiquette is the focus as we approach Christmas day. We need to be more considerate about disabled customers during the festive season. Here are a few tips for business owners to consider:

Never assume anything as one in five customers have a disability and some may be invisible disabilities. Be aware and observe.

  • Know your customer and if you don’t know what to do then ask
  • Treat disabled customers just as you would any customer
  • Educate yourself about disability
  • Offer options for disabled customers if you cannot meet their needs
  • Have clear and visible signage
  • Allow guide dogs into your shop
  • Help customers with directions to accessible toilets and exits
  • Get to know where all the accessible emergency exits are
  • Look out for people who need added assistance regardless of their disability
  • Be patient and friendly

People with disabilities have a right to enjoy their shopping experience over the Christmas season and in a safe environment where people are understanding and caring.