Disabled Employees are High-quality Workers

Disabled employees are high-quality workers and are found to be better employees than those who aren’t. Research shows that 75 percent of employers ranked their disabled workers as very good when it came to work quality, dependency, motivation and integrity. Employers have been heard saying that hiring people with disabilities is good for a company’s morale.

Disabled employees are much more grateful for the opportunity to work and that’s why they can be employees for the long run. These employees choose to work for these companies and stay with them because they are less likely to find another working environment that is so accommodating.

Employees save money they would have spent recruiting and training new employees. Recruiting disabled employees also allows you to find workers that are otherwise not selected. In developing countries there is a shortage in skilled labor and they fill these gaps by employing disabled employees. 

 These employees offer a unique view for your company. They are experienced with assistive technology and the plight that disabled employees go through, which brings in customers that have disabilities. Co-workers say that these employees are easy to work with as they are always in contact with their care givers. This makes them do well in positions that need a lot of team effort.

Diversity is good for a company’s image. Customers and employees are both proven to be loyal to organizations that put diversity and inclusion at the top as it proves that the business cares about the community.

Disabled employees are high-quality workers. By employing people with disabilities in your employee schedule, you are doing your business a world of good. If you have the wisdom to look past the stigmas you only need to make a few changes and make your workplace more inclusive for these employees.

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